Khodynskoe pole

Program Events

The construction of the motorcade will take place on May 2 on Akademika Sakharov Avenue (arrival from Kalanchevskaya Street), then the motorcycle parade, accompanied by the traffic police, will solemnly proceed to the place of the main city holiday. At the gathering place of the column, guests will find an entertainment program and communication with thousands of like-minded people. To ensure maximum safety, during the passage of the moto convoy, the movement of other vehicles along the parade route will be suspended. The finish of the motorcycle parade will take place at Khodynskoye Pole, where there will be organized parking for motorcycles.

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The route of the motorcycle parade starts from Akademika Sakharov Avenue and follows the Garden Ring, Tverskaya Street and Leningradsky Avenue to the place of the city event – Khodynskoe Pole.

12:00 Opening of the Event

13:00 Performance of the “Cascade”

13:45 Performance of the rapid response team “Fire and Rescue Center” of Moscow

14:15 Demonstration performances Stunt riding

14:30 Motoball

14:45 Demonstration Performances Trial

15:00 Hard Enduro Demonstration

15:15 FMX Demonstration Performances

15:30 Pilot Group

16:30 Demonstration performances by Minimoto (children)

17:00 Demonstration performances Stunt riding

17:15 Motoball

17:25 Demonstration Performances Trial

17:35 Hard Enduro Demonstration

17:45 FMX Demonstration

18:00 Jaro & Hanza

18:40 Joint performance Trial -Hard Enduro- FMX

19:00 Music group “Dyadya Vanya

20:00 DJ Smash

21:00 End of the event

During the whole event, there are activation zones for children and adults, test drive of motorcycles, contests and raffles of gifts are held at the stands.


12: 00-15: 00 Dzhimkhana

12: 00-15: 00 Running bike (children)

15:00 Demonstration performances Stunt riding

15:20 Demonstration Performances Trial

15:35 Hard Enduro Demonstration

16:00 Music group Gypsy Jack

17: 00-18: 00 Dzhimkhana Final

17: 00-18: 00 Minimoto (children)

18:00 Demonstration performances Stunt riding

18:20 FMX Demonstration

18:45 Demonstration performances Trial

19:00 Hard Enduro Demonstration

19:15 Chicherina

20:00 Easy Dizzy tribute

21:00 End of the event


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