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Dear friends, we are glad to share with you a map of activities at our event!

The map is available at the link:Shema_25jun

Registration for motoquest from 11:00-13:00

In the universe of rockabilly, you will not find a band as devoted to the classic style of the 50s as Mister Twister. At the same time, the music of the team sounds surprisingly modern and killer! The legendary band first announced itself in 1985. Their debut album scattered throughout the Union in millions of copies. Since then, “Mr. Twister” and “rock and roll” have been synonymous.

Gypsy Jack is an international explosive rock show.

True Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead. He lives in the veins of the hot Cuban frontman and his incredible musicians.

With us you have the opportunity to plunge into the Golden Age of the 60s-70s, and feel the real energy of Rock and Roll and all its idols, gathered on one stage, in one person.

Do you want to visit the concerts of young Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Doors, Aerosmith, CCR, and other cult artists?

Petr Pogodaev and gr. “Legenda” (tribute by KINO group)

The songs of Viktor Tsoi once won millions of hearts and remain loved today, close and understandable to each of us. We are constantly waiting for change, we live, falling in love, dreaming, sad – about everything that happens to us, easily and simply sang legendary visionary philosopher.

The songs of the Kino leader sound just as sincerely, sincerely and incredibly similar to the original performed live by Petr Pogodaev and the Legenda group.

EASY DIZZY is the first and only official tribute to AC/DC in Russia.

Greatest hits and AC/DC guitar riffs, crazy energy, original scenery and unique video installations, the highest performance level of musicians and incredible live sound!

15 years on stage, thousands of broken strings and tens of thousands of kilometers way, hundreds of concerts in Russia and abroad – in other words – It’s a Long Way To The Top!

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